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Friendica as a Service:

Leistung Features Preis
VM im RZ 2VCPU   4GB RAM Siehe Feature Liste unten, Telefon & eMail Support   9,99€ monatl.
VM im RZ 4VCPU   8GB RAM Siehe Feature Liste unten,V-Admin (Persönlicher Ansprechpartner) SLA 14,99€ monatl.
VM im RZ 8VCPU 16GB RAM Siehe Feature Liste unten,V-Admin (Persönlicher Ansprechpartner) Erweiterter Bussines SLA   24,99 monatl.

GLX Leistung: Wir installieren Friendica auf einer dezidierten VM im Rechenzentrum. Wir weisen Sie in das Backend ein. Automatische, tägliche Backups. Support.

Rufen Sie uns an für Ihr neues Friendica Setup


    Post “Status Updates”
    Photos, albums, tagging, privacy
    Events Calendar
    Show different profiles to different people/communities
    Privacy with military encryption
    Relationship Control (Follow and or share only)
    Browse posts by protocol (RSS, Twitter, OStatus, ActivityPub)
    Following contacts and hashtags
    Themes and Addons
    Federation to Diaspora, Mastodon, Pleroma, Hubzilla, GNU Social, WordPress, Nextcloud, Pixelfed, PeerTube, OStatus, ActivityPub, Twitter, RSS, Buffer, etc
    Panel for User- and Systemadministration


    Network Timeline – Posts of your contacts or post of the hashtags you are following
    Profile / Personal wall – Posts that you have created
    Community Page – Posts that are available on your node, consisting of public posts created from users of your node and public posts of contacts or hashtags users of your node are following
    Different sorting views
    Groups – you can put contacts in individual groups to just read their posts
    Comments and multiple posts are collapsed to the most recent (these may be expanded)

Posts & Status Updates

    “Unlimited” text length – many sites will allow up to 200k characters per post.
    Rich text supported – bold, italics, decoration, color, size, etc
    Paragraph formatting – tables, code blocks, quotations, etc
    Sharing of public posts (except private posts e.g. for closed group of recipients)
    Edit your posts after they have been published
    Oembed embedding support
    Media support includes Photos, Audio, Video, Embeds, Links, Youtube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, File Attachments and more
    Location/Geotagging Option for posts. Setting default location, using browser location setting or using an addon for random locations
    Common tag formats supported including @mentions and #hashtags
    Likes and dislikes
    Threadstyle Commenting
    Multiple deletion (delete all selected items)
    Seamless wall-to-wall posts and remote comments, even across different network nodes
    Notes to self – maintain your own private notebook
    Sending a post as email for non friendica users

Direct Messaging

    Network ’email’ – provides ‘one-to-one’ private messaging to any Friendica or Diaspora, Mastodon, Pleroma or any other network member

Distributed Forums

    Public Forums – where everybody, even anonymous can read and join the discussion
    Private Forums – members need to be accepted be the forum owner or moderators. Discussions are not public and only visible to validated members

Privacy & Group control

    Private conversation groups – on these pages all communications are restricted to group members – similar to Google+ “circles” or Diaspora “aspects”
    Visual group editor to manage the members of private conversation groups
    All items controlled by access lists (individuals and groups – allow and deny
    Individuals may belong to more than one group

Photo & Media Management

    Upload Manager
    Tagging of photos
    Privacy Support – defining access to photos across network nodes
    Location and other private information embedded in uploaded photos from cell phones is stripped

Event Calendar

    Create distributed Events with Date, Time, Location, Description
    React with an Attendance Action like accept, decline or unsure
    Birthday notifications – timezone corrected so that if you are in New York and I am in Moscow you won’t get the birthday greeting on the wrong day.
    Personal and shared events in calendar

Profiles & Multiple Profiles

    Create different profiles to present to different people/communities
    Private profiles with controlled visibility. You can maintain completely different personality profiles visible only to specific people.
    Multiple profiles for example:
        Profile with your phone number and address for your friends and family
        Profile for the rest of the world with you email address only
    Existing profiles may be cloned to create similar profiles which only differ in minor details
    Visual editor allows you to select which friends can view which profile
    Many profile information sections and categories
    Anonymous profile viewing (any of your content and/or profile information) can be disabled
    Publishing your profile to network directories (site and global) is individually controllable

Relationship Control

    Follow contacts all over the fediverse
    “Follow” RSS Feeds – Arbitrary websites and blogs may be imported into your social stream via RSS/Atom feeds
    Sites can restrict friendships based on protocol, email addresses, and DNS location
    Fan (one-way) relationships are fully supported
    Create community profiles  for large special interest groups / Forums
    Automatic contact suggestions
    Any contact can be blocked completely or quietly “ignored”
    Match people based on interests in the friendica directory
    Suggest / recommend existing friends to other friends

Themes, Addons & Apps

    Different Themes (Frio, Vier, DuopuntoZero ..)
    Stylesheets / Schemes to change the default look of some Themes (dark, light, colorfull, etc)
    Addons – FromApp, ShowMore, etc
    Addons – Twitter, Tumblr, GNU Social,, libertree, Blogger, WordPress
    Supports ‘Apps’ which are third-party plugin applications such as games or utilities
    Email contacts and communications supported (two-way) via IMAP4rev1/ESMTP
    OpenID Support
    Gravatar Support
    OExchange link sharing supported
    Portable Contacts Webstandard provides informationwiki. about friends between allowed sites using a standards-compliant format.
    OpenSearch provider interface for supported browser search engines